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About Us

After nearly 50 years and some 50 million pounds of hand made sausage, in 2008 the Roma Sausage Company  moved from its modest corner row home production facility in the Highlandtown neighborhood of Baltimore City, to the new state of the art Roma Gourmet Food Building. The new location is just 1½ miles from the old facility and is producing the same high quality gourmet sausage that Roma customers know and love. The new Roma Gourmet Food building located at 6801 Eastern Avenue in East Baltimore is the home of Roma’s food production and storage operation, the management, sales and marketing staff, as well as Roma’s easy customer pick up at the facility and e-commerce.

Roma Sausage Company is very proud to announce that the U.S. Local Business Association has awarded The Roma Sausage Company the 2008 & 2009 “BEST of BALTIMORE” for its sausage products.

The Roma Sausage Company was founded in 1963 originally operating in the heavily Italian populated neighborhood of Highlandtown. in Baltimore City. The location was a corner row home on Claremont Avenue. This would be the home of Roma Sausage until 2009.

Past and Present

Roma Sausage was a typical "Mom and Pop" enterprise. Roma Sausage would become a local favorite product in Italian stores and restaurants throughout Baltimore City, Roma was content in producing just enough handmade sausage to provide a comfortable living.

In 1993, Dean became partner in the Roma Sausage Company and in 2007, Dean Paciocco became sole proprietor of the Company.

Paciocco knew that Roma Sausage Company was outgrowing the Claremont facility. He knew that a move had to be made due the great demand for his sausage -- he had six trucks on the street delivering daily, and had regrettably been forced to turn away requests from supermarket chains for his products.

This is when Dean was introduced to Albert Pecora.

Al is a long time resident of Baltimore. When his family came to America from Italy, they settled in Highlandtown. Although years apart, Dean and Albert attended the same schools in the same neighborhood. In 2008, Al had just sold his very successful AV Imports Wine and Spirit Company and was looking for a new business venture.

Dean and Albert met and discussed a vision and long term plan for the future of the Roma Sausage Company.

Dean and Al established the Roma Gourmet Food Company, with Dean as President and Albert as the CEO. The first order of business was to find a new location in east Baltimore and only 1½ miles from the original Roma Sausage shop.

Albert Pecora's Biography

Dean Paciocco's Biography


The mission of Roma Gourmet Foods is to be an industry leader in the production and distribution of premium, hand-crafted sausage products. Roma Gourmet Foods will offer its customers a variety of the finest sausages. We will provide our customers with a superior level of service, utilizing Roma Gourmet Foods' skilled production, management, sales and marketing teams while we strive to exceed our customers' expectations, as we maintain our ongoing commitment to quality, service, and education.

Quality Assurance

At Roma Gourmet Sausage we never use organ meats or meat by-products in any of our sausage. We receive daily deliveries from our meat purveyor and hand trim all meat before making our sausage. Hand trimming ensures that Roma Gourmet Sausage always exceeds the USDA standard for leanness in our product. All of our herbs and spices are stored in a temperature controlled spice room to guarantee peak flavor. The herbs and spices are blended by hand before marrying with the select cuts of pork. The Roma Gourmet Sausage facility operates under continuous oversight of a resident USDA inspector.